Pryce Gardens belongs to the best in Philippine memorial lots/parks Honor and remember your love with a Pryce 
Gardens lot Beautifully landscaped and well maintained
Affordable and reasonable Pryce Gardens lots considering the benefits An oppurtunity to Earn Pryce Corp.: An experienced developer of memorial 
  How do I buy a Pryce Gardens memorial lot? (Procedures below apply to overseas buyers only, if you are a local buyer within the Philippines please click here.)

1. Fill out the Interested Buyer's form on this website. This is forwarded to our Marketing Coordinating Department, which will send you all the information you need to help you make your decision through the valid e-mail address that you will give.

2. Selecting your preferred lot. Fill up the Payment & Reservation Form, after reading the Terms and Conditions of Purchase. You can choose to make the full payment, or pay a 50% downpayment to reserve the lot(s), but if you change your mind the fee shall be refunded minus the bank charges and other costs incidental to remitting the money back to your account. Reservation shall be good for 45 days from date Pryce receives the downpayment, thereafter Pryce is free to offer the lot(s) to others for sale.

3. Keep a record of transaction. Once you have filled up the Payment & Reservation Form, you will get a Customer Reference Document which contains a summary of all the information relevant to your purchase/payment transaction. Please print at least 2 copies of the said document, one for the PNB Overseas Office you chose and another for your own reference.

4. Pay at a PNB Overseas Branch/Office. Your payment will be tracked using your Customer Reference Number (or CRN), which will be reflected in the document you received in Step 3.

5. The bank remits payment to the Pryce Gardens account. Once your payment is reflected in our account, our Marketing Coordinating Department will notify you through e-mail.

6. Pryce processes your Certificate of Ownership(COO). Once this document is completed and provided the lot(s) you chose is fully paid, we will send the COO via courier to your chosen address, along with the Rules & Regulations booklet. Unless told otherwise, we will use the address you had given in the Customer Reference Document.

7. Sales commissions. If you were serviced by an accredited sales associate, his commission will be deposited to a Philippine bank account he nominates.

8. Following up on your transactions. Please use our General Inquiry form.