Pryce Gardens belongs to the best in Philippine memorial lots/parks Honor and remember your love with a Pryce 
Gardens lot Beautifully landscaped and well maintained
Affordable and reasonable Pryce Gardens lots considering the benefits An oppurtunity to Earn Pryce Corp.: An experienced developer of memorial 
Pryce Gardens is the leading memorial park developer in Mindanao, Philippines. Our gardens’ well-trimmed lawns and well-paved roads invite visitors to a leisurely walk around the fountains and scenic spots. Here, you can allow yourself the peace and time to meditate, as well as commune in spirit with your departed loved ones and reminisce fond memories.

Pryce Gardens memorial parks are equipped with modern facilities and fully fenced for security. Each is equipped with a deep well, a water sprinkler system, and modern interment equipment for burial services that are conducted with the utmost solemnity and dignity.

You can choose from three types of lots, depending on your needs and budget:

• Lawn Lot.
Designed for single interment, it honors the memory of a loved one with a marble tablet, set flush within a well-kept lawn lot. more >>

• Garden Lot. A family is a family forever—and the elegantly arranged 4-lot or 8-lot Gardens are ideal for celebrating the eternal ties to generations that have gone before. more >>

• Family Estate. A sprawling area designed to hold 15 lots or 24 lots, it can be the site of a clan’s mausoleum. more >>
• Bone Transfer lots. We also hava lots where you can transfer the remains of your loved ones from a cemetery (previously holding them) to their final resting place in your chosen Bone Transfer lot. This is part of our commitment to total service, where we provide as much assistance to our customer through every step of the bereavement process.